Ruby Lotus Complete Lady Cup Set

Ruby Lotus Complete Lady Cup Set

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This gal brought her little sister along to the party...

Our menstrual cups provide flexibility and comfort, they are odor-free and hygienic and what's even better, you can wear them for up to 12 hours of carefree living.

They are the period buddy you never knew you needed!


The Complete Package!

Offering both our small and large Model 1 size cup, plus a 200ml steriliser in one convenient pack.

All you need for the complete Ruby Lotus experience!


Made from medical-grade silicone which is both BPA and chemical-free. Our menstrual cups are made to the highest standards and testing and packaged with LOVE.

Each pack comes with its own red satin storage bag to keep it safe throughout the month.


Sizing Recommendation: 

Women under 30 years of age, those who have lighter flows, smaller vaginas, or have yet to birth children would be better suited to XS and S.

Women over 30 years of age, those who have heavier flows or have birthed children vaginally would be better suited to L.



Model 1 - Size Small dimensions: diameter: 40mm, height: 70mm.
Capacity: 20ml 

Model 1 - Size Large dimensions: diameter: 45mm, height: 70mm.
Capacity: 25ml



Sterilize Cup Size: Base: 43mm, Lid: 85mm, Height: 90mm, Folded: 23mm

Capacity: 200ml