• "I've always found tampons to be so uncomfortable and I was always so worried about leaking. Plus I was starting to get a little worried about toxic shock and I thought I'd look for alternatives. Menstrual cups are amazing! Not only are they more comfortable, but they reduce your risk of TSS so I'm sold”  Rachel


  • "I was actually trying to look into more reusable products for my everyday life when I came across menstrual cups. They are so much more cost effective than pads and tampons, and they are virtually zero waste! I absolutely love mine!" Anna 


  • "I've always hated my period! but when I started using my first cup, it was so easy and convenient. I don't dread my period anymore.". Sarah


  • "I was kinda scared to use menstrual cups at first, just nervous that it would get stuck. It was a little tough to remove the first couple of times, but I kept playing around with it and I think I've got the hang of it now. Ive only used it for one period so far, but It's super comfy to wear and i felt confident training with it in. Im looking forward to seeing how it goes next month.". Christine