How do I know what size to buy?

The general recommendation is for women under 30 years of age, who have lighter flows, smaller vagina's, and haven't delivered children vaginally to use a smaller cup. We have an extra small cup available in our model 1, for those who still find the small cup uncomfortable.

Women who are over 30 years of age, have heavier flows and have delivered children vaginally would be better suited for the larger size. We do however offer a two pack if you are still unsure, to help find your perfect fit.

How much fluid does it hold?

We have variations in capacity between our 3 different models which hold between 13ml - 30ml. Please refer to our product page for specifics.

How long can I wear my Ruby Lotus Lady cup?

You can wear your cup for up to of 12hours, though our general recommendation would be to change two or three times daily.

Can the cup get stuck inside me?

No. The vagina only has one way in, and one way out, so don't fear, the cup won't get lost. While the cup may be hard to insert and remove on the first few attempts, just relax and slightly pull on the stem to get a hold of the base. Relaxing is KEY!

Are they leak proof?

Insertion can be tricky to get the hang of initially, but with some practice you'll be more confident and it'll be easier to get a leak proof seal. The trick is to angle the cup slightly up towards your spine and once comfortable, to rotate the cup until the rim expands into place creating the perfect seal. Refer to our insertion instructions page for further details.

Can teenagers wear them?

Yes of course! Menstrual cups are suitable for all ages and at all stages of menstruation. They can however be a bit daunting for those new to menstruating due to their size and insertion process. But after a few cycles, most find them very comfortable to use.

Can I have sex with my lady cup in?

This is very much personal preference. Most women prefer not to have sex during their period as it can be more uncomfortable. But if you and your partner feel the urge, then we definitely wont stop you!

How much blood do you shed during a period?

An adult period can see anywhere between 5 ml - 80 ml of blood leave your body over an 8 day period. 

The heaviest days of menstrual bleeding are usually at the beginning of your cycle (around day 1 and 2). During which you may notice clots in your menstrual fluid, which is very normal. The colour of your menstruation may also change as you progress through your period, with bright red blood being more common as flow is heavy, and darker shades when your flow approaches the end of your period.

Adolescent periods can produce the same volume as an adult period, but are usually much lighter.

It’s common for cycles to be somewhat irregular for a few years after your first period. As you progress through adolescence, period amounts and cycles become more regular, but may still be somewhat variable.

When should I replace my Ruby Lotus Lady cup?

Over time your lady cup may discolour or develop an odour, certain cleaning products may cause the cup to become sticky or you may start to experience irritation. If this occurs, please refer back to the cleaning guidelines. We recommend you replace your cup every 12months, but this is completely at your own discretion.